The first and only cybersecurity software to use artificial intelligence with the speed of neural networking to protect the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, endpoints, data and customers.
ANNI (Artificial Neural Network Intelligence)
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Once ANNI completes the learning process the system is able to recognize anomalies immediately (within 40 micro seconds) and prevent a zero-day attack by placing any unknown agent from any vector, into a sandbox for full analysis. Once analyzed the agent’s signature is entered into ANNI’s DNA database. ANNI doesn’t stop here. Through the forensic analysis and deconstruction of the agent’s code, ANNI is able to develop code that recognizes any variant to the new malware. These signatures are also entered into the database thereby inoculating the cyber environment from future attack. All ANNI-PASS systems are updated with the new signatures in near real-time. All other vendors take months to analyze the signatures of new malware and update their clients’ systems. If your system hasn’t already been breached by the new agent, this time delay leaves your enterprise vulnerable until your vendor is able to provide the update.
Target audience
CIO, CSO, CISO, CRO (primary), CEO, CFO.
Your cybersecurity system cannot protect your organization from zero-day attacks nor from variants to know malware and these variants may already exist within your IT enterprise. Existing cyber systems’ computing platforms are not fast enough to prevent a zero-day attack or malware variant from breaching the infrastructure. This is not the case with the REMTCS solution. The speed of our HPC platform combines with the ANNI AI software to recognize the zero-day attack or malware variant, and reacts within 40 microseconds to prevent the attacking agent prior to its breach. The agent is sandboxed and forensically analyzed for its DNA and signature and acted on as required. This all occurs in real-time. Once analyzed, ANNI creates the necessary code and patches itself as well as any other systems thereby providing protection from the new agent.

When “profiling” type cyber systems are employed, it usually takes nine (9) to eighteen (18) months to develop the organization’s IT profile. During this time vulnerabilities continue to exist and the number and frequency of false positives bombard the system and the cyber team. Other types of systems cannot develop an organization’s IT profile at all and rely on continuous updates to maintain their level of “protection”. This is particularly true of standalone endpoint systems. ANNI is different. ANNI looks at and “learns” about every element and of the IT environment and “learns” what to expect from every device and user. This is accomplished through a rendering of the IT environment and its use throughout the enterprise. It takes ANNI only 6 – 12 weeks to “learn” all that is necessary to prevent internal and external attacks and virtually eliminate false positives. This means you have full access and use of the system many months earlier than with any alternatives available today.
Enterprises that want/need the most effective comprehensive, enterprise wide, cyber security solution.
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