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ANNI Endpoint – threat response
Today's hacker may be state sponsored or a lone wolf. In either case their numbers continue to grow along with the number of threats to the IT infrastructure to your data and to your customers. Existing endpoint security products cannot respond fast enough to new threats or a targeted attack to assure the organization’s cyber security. Cyber security vendors rely on you to discover new threats. Once a new threat is known, (often times through the press), the vendor reverse engineers the attacking agent and manually creates a signature for the “new” malware. At times the “new” malware may simply be a variant of known malware. This is slow, reactive and completely ineffective. When another variant to that malware comes forth the prior “patch” won’t recognize it rendering it completely ineffective. In addition, none of these systems are effective against a zero-day attack. On average it takes 6 to 12 months for a security vendor to discover, reverse engineer, test and release signatures on any single new threat. The hackers aren't slowing down, but today’s endpoint software is and the window of vulnerability continues to open wider.

ANNI Endpoint provides a number of solutions to the shortcomings of existing anti-virus, endpoint software. ANNI Endpoint speeds up your cyber defenses. When combined with ANNI-PASS, ANNI Endpoint doesn’t just reduce the window of vulnerability, it closes it.
Target audience
CIO, CSO, CISO, CRO (primary), CEO, CFO.
If you are not operating a “cookie cutter” enterprise why did you purchase “cookie cutter” endpoint security software? The reason is simple, until now that is all that has been available. Because of this endpoint protection software is a resource-draining product designed to be down loaded to any of the many different devises, platforms and operating systems attaching to and accessing your IT infrastructure. This means that every download contains all the necessary data, services and features required to protect the multitudes across large networks resulting in increased CPU usage and decreased endpoint speed and, at times, user functionality. This reduction can be as high as 50 to 60 percent. Users may actually try to bypass or disable certain security features in order to gain back their processing speed.

ANNI Endpoint employs AI driven software to first scan the endpoint device and then create the optimal download for that device. This approach requires significantly less CPU usage than competitive products.
Enterprises that want/need the most effective comprehensive, enterprise wide, cyber security solution.
The overall cybersecurity of your enterprise is only as secure as the weakest link.

End-to-end network defense
by generating security counter-measures
to defend and counter-attack digital
threats in "real-time".
• All Devices on all vectors
• Solves cyber security issues brought on by BYOD policies
• Minimal footprint

• Auto upload to ANNI for immediate placement of threat into stasis avoiding harm to infrastructure
ANNI Endpoint protection
• Only loads what is necessary for that device
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