Bethel, CT, August 13, 2018... ITPMG (, a leading edge on-demand consulting services company specializing in personalized service that improves a company's performance announced today a new Information IT Red Team Penetration Testing Service offering.
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ITPMG Announces New Information Technology Red Team Penetration Testing Service
The new offering is an addition to the current IT Security Solution Suite of Assessments that include IT Security Cost and Performance Benchmark Assessments, Security Risk Assessments, Physical Security Assessments, Security Technology Solutions Suite and IT Security Process Assessment Service.

This new offering will help clients better understand how secure their IT technology environment and its assets are. Our team uses an approach that will measure the effectiveness of the security controls and systems in order to determine the capabilities of the security staff to detect and mitigate attacks against external and internal infrastructure.

The Advanced Red Team Testing Service approach includes:

ITPMG is an industry leader in providing personalized on-demand targeted, actionable consulting services. This global firm, with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, focuses on improving company performance and increasing shareholder wealth and value through its services, tools, experts and processes.
For more information about ITPMG and its services contact ITPMG via e-mail at
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Our security teams will rigorously test the IT environment, assess, analyze, and evaluate real and potential vulnerabilities, exploit found vulnerabilities and provide an analysis, an explanation and as well as implications of the findings along with business impacts and risks of the identified vulnerabilities and risks. In addition we will provide recommendations to close the vulnerabilities and deficiencies along with detailed steps to be followed while mitigating the reported vulnerabilities and deficiencies.

This new expansion of the IT Security Solution Suite of Assessments is an extension of ITPMG's current innovative client solutions which can be found at
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Based on client requests, we continue to grow our business and expand our on-demand personalized client support solutions. This is just the newest example of our commitment to helping our clients transform themselves into high performance businesses.