Reducing day-to-day business interruptions due to end user system problems not only improves business performance but also improves employee morale and productivity. Understanding where those problems are before they become a serious issue is extremely important to any company regardless of size.
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In-depth monitors: These reside with a single user, and don't give IT a clear understanding of the business impact of the problem, or its scope.
Network-centric "sniffers": These reside a good distance from the end user, limiting access to crucial user performance data. This approach to end-user monitoring usually involves network layer analysis, not application layer analysis, - limiting IT personnel from measuring true business activity performance.
Synthetic testing: These use a robot system to measure performance under simulated conditions. However, what appears to be normal under test conditions may vary widely from real-world user experience. Some transactions, such as trades, cannot be tested synthetically, leaving significant blind spots. Synthetic testing requires up-to-date scripting, another time-consuming and costly IT management task.
Powerful, scalable, cost-effective and easy to deploy, we can improve the effectiveness of your operational teams responsible for key business applications.
The result is a real-time aggregation, analysis, and correlation of all the performance metrics that define and impact real end user experience. By transforming end user experience metrics into actionable business intelligence, APM becomes a strategic business enabler. End user performance intelligence is enabled by self-learning, statistical modeling of dynamic performance baselines, preemptive problem detection, dynamic isolation of impacted users, and automatic identification of business impact and probable cause. With end user performance intelligence, enterprises rapidly gain the agility required to address end user issues before they impact business results.
Currently, IT has to choose between solutions that can't provide real-world, end-to-end coverage. These include:
Performance Intelligence
ITPMG provides actual, actionable information that enables IT operations teams to:
Target audience
CIO (primary), Network Operations team

IT executives who have the responsibility for application service delivery issues resolution and problem and incident management.
Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform®, is a trademark of Aternity, Inc.
With APM, enterprises benefit from proactive IT management through self-learning, preemptive problem detection, and right-time decision support. By uniquely transforming every desktop - real or virtual - into a self-monitoring platform that is user-experience aware, the patented FPI Platform arms with real-time business intelligence on how application performance and usage impacts business results, and provides a path for constant improvement.
The Availability and Performance Monitoring Offering monitors the application service delivery that end user communities receive and experience through the use of an Application Performance Management (APM) technology.
ITPMG redefines end user experience management by utilizing the industry's first patented Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI) Platform®. The FPI Platform is designed to dramatically reduce business disruptions and significantly increase end user productivity.
What makes the ITPMG solution different?
Focus on end-user data: Today's AM solutions ignore the most important information element - the end-user. For the most part, they monitor back-end components only and treat each component independently.
The intelligent way to manage end-user experience
With our solution, organizations can minimize the costs and damage associated with business application interruptions. The ITPMG solution automates and simplifies fault-detection and analysis of application performance, utilizing powerful end-user monitoring to help IT address performance issues before they impact your business.
Major research firm recommends measuring performance from the perspective of end-users
In a recent major research company poll, the majority of respondents measure application availability by components, rather than by affected users. The research company recommends measuring from the perspective of the users, thereby eliminating a discrepancy that can create a mismatch of data, creating confusion over true performance measurements. "Poll Reveals Buying Preferences for Availability and Performance Monitoring" (April 2005).
Using anomalous behavior algorithms, the Availability and Performance Monitoring Service
offering dynamically creates End User Performance Intelligence - data that operators can interpret and act upon within moments of detecting a problem. This includes granular performance information by group, location and time.
The service offering agents reside at user end points, continuously gathering and aggregating measurements into real-time data IT can understand and use. The solution does this without interfering or interrupting end user activity. Data is then automatically organized by business groups, giving IT an accurate perspective on end-user performance.
ITPMG Delivers Answers
You get detailed information on:
• Number of people affected
• Business groups impacted
• Business priority
• Common factors
• Business transactions impacted
• Probable causes
• Detect true performance problems
• Identify exactly who is affected and define problem scope across single and multiple sites/departments
• View application performance levels by department, location and time
• React quickly according to business relevance
• Rapidly resolve the problem through probable cause analysis before it impacts end user productivity and satisfaction
• Reduce costly help desk calls
Performance Benefits
Reduces Business Downtime
- IT responds to application degradation BEFORE business is impacted
- Prioritizes IT response based on business relevance
Reduces MTTR & Cost of Operations
- Saves hours/days in detection and analysis
- Minimizes number of IT personnel needed for resolution
- Ensures ROI on planned infrastructure investments due to production evidence
- Increased application adoption, user productivity and business process optimization based on precise insights into how users use their applications
If you can't see your users, you can't see the problem
Using traditional application management solutions, IT has no way to detect end-user performance problems, analyze potential causes and resolve them quickly. This problem is widespread. According to Forrester Research, 74% of end-user problems are not currently detected by IT.
Move from a reactive to a proactive mode
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Rather than examine performance problems from the data center and infrastructure side alone, we capture real end-user experience. We provide the last mile visibility that traditional monitoring tools can't provide - and requires minimal effort to set up and manage.
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• Productivity of business units and departments
• Operating expenses
• Revenue
• Customer service and satisfaction
• Project and product delivery times
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