One of the biggest challenges to every CIO and senior executive today is the determination of where and how much to invest in IT. Our solution provides a comparative analysis of metrics for workload, costs, performance, staffing, sourcing, complexity and ageing against industry peers.
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In addition to a written analysis we can have one of our team's professionals come to the client site and present the results to the CIO-IS staff. Along with walking the client through the report we can answer questions about the process, data and results.
Our solution is a high value cost efficient benchmark analysis that provides comparative data, analysis and recommendations for up to twelve functions in an IT organization. The supporting database is comprised of three thousand accounts spread across twenty industries and is frequently updated during the year to ensure that the data is current.
ITPMG's consulting service provides a written analysis of the results that is presented through easily understood charts and graphs. The benchmark results provide the required metrics regarding hardware, software, sourcing, personnel and workload activities associated with each requested functional area in an IT organization. The analysis also includes a completely independent set of recommendations based on quality data that is validated, normalized and continually updated to reflect today's performance results.
Target audience
CIO (primary), CEO, CFO.
Enterprises need to use comparative analysis to support their decisions in the complex business and IT environment the work in on a daily basis.
Our unique solution can give clients the results necessary to answer these questions and many more. It is through our solution that clients can now obtain baseline and comparative benchmarks of their organizations in order to fully understand how their investments impact the organization and where key changes need to be made in order to improve overall efficiencies and be more responsive to their customer base.
Advanced Phone Support
When a client desires increased technical and process support during the benchmarking process they can engage our staff, via phone, for guidance on any issues they may have and to answer definitional and process related questions. Phone support is available between 9AM and 5PM EST Monday-Friday.
• How do we effectively and efficiently perform annual comprehensive assessment of our IT investments?
• What is our existing baseline for continuous measurement and improvement processes?
• Do our technology and service offerings meet the dynamic needs of our customers?
• How do I know if we are being too cost-efficient?
• Should we continue to invest in areas that may or my not be aligned with strategic business objectives?
Onsite Data Collection Support

For those clients desiring dedicated expert support during data collection we can send one of our team's professionals to them. We will travel to the client's site and provide dedicated support to the IS/IT staff to better ensure the right data is collected. Our team member will spend up to 3 days onsite supporting the client's efforts.
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Our unique solution provides results that are standardized and easy to understand. The solution follows a systematic process of data collection, validation, statistical comparative analysis, and report generation. The benchmark results provide the required metrics regarding hardware, software, performance, cost, sourcing and personnel associated with each functional area of an IT organization.
This gives clients the ability to answer questions such as:
Another unique capability is that we can use our database and forensic approach to do predictive modeling based on your "IT workload and complexity DNA". This is especially important when enterprises are looking into consolidation, outsourcing or the Cloud because our reports can not only provide information about your current state but they can also provide information about the to-be-state as well.
The comparative analysis is a unique, one of a kind solution that provides an easy to understand report with supporting graphics that is customizable based on client needs. With the help of our state of the art electronic data collection and analysis system, we systematically analyze client data, build statistical results, select peer organizations, make recommendations and produce final reports and charts.
IT Benchmark Comprehensive Service Solution
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