One of the biggest challenges to every CIO and senior executive today is how to quickly get information that helps them answer questions on how they perform related to the industry they are in or to a company similar in size. With our offering clients can now quickly obtain high level industry baseline benchmarks from similar organizations and industries in order to better understand how their investments may impact the organization and where key changes may need to be made in order to improve overall efficiencies and be more responsive to your customer base.
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The industry peers utilized can be filtered by providing minimal data point estimates. This enhanced set of input can provide valuable insight into the workload and complexity driving the performance of your IT organization which is used to minimize any outliers in the industry pool grouping. This intern provides a more relevant set of metrics.
Our service offering provides a fast, cost efficient, quality high level Benchmark Assessment Industry Overview Report that supports the client's IT investment and budget needs. Through our state of the art analysis system, we show statistical results that include selected peer organizations and produce final reports and charts.
ITPMG's Benchmark Ultra-Lite service offering provides the client with a set of up to twenty pre-defined metrics associated with our assessment functional areas (end user, help desk, data center mainframes, data center servers, storage, mobility, wide area data networking, telecommunications- wireline, telecommunications- PBX, application development, application support, security, operations and database administration).
Target audience
CIO (primary), CEO, CFO.
The Ultra-Lite offering provides a quick high level industry report of up to twenty performance metrics for workload, costs, performance, staffing, sourcing, complexity and ageing within a desired industry. This information is helpful in getting an idea of what an industry is doing, providing headlights before starting an initiative and/or starting a proposal/budget.
The reports provided by our offering are standardized and easy to understand. The metrics for each of our assessment functional areas are from our data base which contains information from over three thousand customers across twenty plus industries. The metrics provide important data regarding such focus areas as hardware, software, sourcing, ageing, and personnel associated with each functional area of an IT organization.
There is no data collection required as this is a report of industry benchmark data contained in our database and not a comparative analysis of the client and an industry.
Enterprises that want/need to use comparative analysis to support decisions in the complex business and IT environment they work in on a daily basis.
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