Bob Cooper

Mr. Cooper has more than 25 years of experience in managing the design, development, & implementation of systems, both global and US, resulting in successful applications that were aligned with the firms strategic business goals.

Recently, Mr. Cooper was a Senior Associate with Integro Insurance Brokers. At Integro he successfully managed the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management system with an electronic interface to Dunn & Bradstreet for the global management of unique Account ID's. He also managed the implementation of a Risk Management insurance market and pre-billing system resulting in reduced operational costs, and reduction of errors and omissions.

Previously Mr. Cooper was Senior Vice President at Marsh and McLennan managing the implementation of many of Marsh's strategic global applications, some of which are listed below:
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• Managed all phases of a $100 million, 150 person global project with teams in New York and London, for the development of a Global Broking Placement System.
• Managed and enhanced the performance and functionality of Marsh's global central repository of Core Customer external company information utilizing an India offshore concern for all construction.
• Managed the implementation of a Global Service Bus for moving name and address information from Europe, Latin America, and Australia, across the bus into the central repository for names and addresses.
• Implemented an Opportunity Management System, solving the need to collect prospective Customer information while making it available to colleagues and management at a local, regional, and corporate level.
Mr. Cooper received a BS in business and communications from Adelphi University.

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