CIOs are faced with demands from many parts of the enterprise. Each department has its own requirements, and expects support from the CIO. The task of prioritization of the overall Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics strategy and plan is but one of many that must be actionable and well thought out. If the strategy and plan is not aligned with other strategies and processes such as the ERP and CRM then the entire enterprise's performance with suffer. CIOs must understand the impact of a poorly designed BI strategy and plan and its impacts to the enterprise in terms of quality of service, impact on shareholder wealth, and alignment with the overall corporate strategy. CIOs must also understand how their BI strategy and plan will be positioned to enable it to evolve to the enhanced capabilities of Business Analytics (BA) and Predictive Analytics (PA).
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As an option to providing assistance to the client in the creation of an enterprise BI strategy and plan, ITPMG can develop a clearly defined BI strategy and plan for the client that includes a roadmap on how to evolve from BI to a future state, a prioritized set of actions/initiatives required to implement that strategy and plan, assist in the implementation of the plan and conduct ongoing reviews of the plan.
ITPMG consultants have developed a rigorous process to review our clients' BI strategy and plan for thoroughness, budgetary soundness, impact of industry trends and latest technology on the strategy and plan and the soundness of any vendor relationships they may have related to the strategy and plan. We work with CIOs to help them create and improve their BI strategy and plan and help them convey that strategy and plan to upper management.
ITPMG provides a review of the BI strategy and plan resulting in an assessment report, delivered on an oral and written basis. We then team with our clients to assist them in developing the enterprise BI strategy and plan based on their goals and business requirements. The BI strategy and plan will include a roadmap on how to evolve that strategy from BI to a future state such as BA. We also educate their team in the strategy and planning process. We feel that this is important so that our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the strategy and plan as changing business needs demand. We stress that the strategy is not just a report, but a process that positively impacts how IT delivers value to the business through the entire enterprise.
Target audience
CIO (primary), CEO, CFO.
It is no longer good enough to know where you have been. Companies need assistance in making better decisions on where they need to go and how to get there. In this economy companies must move fast and to do that they must have more than their current technological resources allow them to do. They need to have information that helps them better understand customer behavior, set pricing, manage marketing and sales spend, estimate specific industry needs or at the very least, manage risk.
Our consultants have expertise in implementing BI, data management and predictive analytic systems. We have assisted our clients in establishing effective program management offices to guide and control BI implementation and deployment. The team also has experience in performing BI capacity and performance assessments, developing actionable strategies and plans, and improving overall IT performance.
IT executives who have the responsibility to prepare enterprise BI strategies that address all the complexities of company initiatives. This service will allow them to be assured that their strategies are sound, meet the organization's needs, and have buy-in support from executive management.
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