Business executives are faced with increasing the performance of their enterprise every day and many choose solutions that demand reducing costs. The task of increasing performance may be more difficult than simply reducing cost since much of the performance of the enterprise is driven by business processes. The efficiency and effectiveness of these processes can ensure that the enterprise optimizes it's resources, improves company performance and delivers increased shareholder value. CEOs,CFO's and CIO's must be able to create and adpopt business processes that drive performance,intergrates all aspects of the company's value chain and delivers the desired results.
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ITPMG has developed a rigorous process to review our clients' business processes for thoroughness, soundness, and alignment across the enterprise. We work with CEOs,CFO's and CIO's to help them improve the performance of their enterprise through process improvement.
ITPMG's consultants provide a review and assessment of the major process areas that can provide a major impact on the enterprise's performance as well as their linkage across the enterprise. In addition, the review and assessment generally uncovers areas of assistance that fall into ITPMG's expertise, and is the basis of discussion for expert consulting.
In addition to the review and assessment, ITPMG can work with CEOs,CFO's and CIO's to update the major business processes, ensure that there is linkage across the enterprise and conduct ongoing quarterlly reviews of the processes ensure proper execuiton and make recommendations on mid-course corrections that may be required.
CEO (primary), CFO, CIO
Executives who have the responsibility to manage business processes within the enterprise. This service will allow them to be assured that their business processes are sound, meet the organization's needs, and are being executed across the enterprise.
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