Christophe Toulemonde

Christophe Toulemonde founded JEMM research, a European research and advisory firm which focuses on software infrastructure, service oriented approaches and architectures, and unified collaboration and communications. Christophe works with enterprise IT organizations on their roadmap in a top-down approach aligning IT investments with business strategy. He provides advice on IT architecture, technology, and governance and organization. In addition, he assists IT providers, software vendors, and IT integrators and consulting companies in understanding, analyzing their local markets, helps them defining their target and promoting their offers to maximize their chances of success.

Christophe has more than 20 years of IT experience in various areas and roles, including application development, technical support, and software marketing and sales. He is a recognized expert in service-oriented architecture, his broad experience and expertise includes enterprise integration (data, application, and process), distributed application design and architecture, and enterprise architecture. Before founding JEMM research, he covered integration and development strategies at Meta Group for EMEA. During 15 years, at IBM and IBM subsidiaries in the US and in Europe, he held multiple technical and marketing management positions. He has authored numerous books on e-business, application integration.

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