Enterprises have begun to focus on contract and license contracts to ensure that they have flexibility, and resource protection. Financial pressure to deliver flexible contracts, within budget means that the CIO/CFO must consider all options BEFORE undertaking a contract and/or license. CIO/CFOs must minimize risk; enable optimal growth opportunities; and manage time frames, cost, and quality in every contract.
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• Identify Key Areas for Outsourcing Leverage: This service helps enterprises gain additional leverage by sourcing components to a provider with more expertise and better price performance capability.
• Defined Balanced Outsourcing Strategy: ITPMG consultants develop a program for plannedoutsourcing components that protects against variuos risks such as confidentiality, flexibilityand reversibility.
• Optimized Offshore Leverage: ITPMG can analyze the potential impact of offshore on the outsourcing components and the plan to obtain cost,quality and time leverage while managing risks inherent in remote operations from multiple countries.
• Optimize and Offshore Leverage Management: ITPMG consultants can define a comprhensive program for outsourcing leverage that includes offshore, and put in place the management system that will enable the leverage of expertise across corporations while allowing business operations to run as one unit under a corporate umbrella.
• RFP Development: Based on documented technology requirements and a short list of vendor/product alternatives, develop and issue a RFP aligned with the requirements.
• Contract Negotiation Assistance: This service enables the enterprise to have an ITPMG experienced consultant review a contract, highlight key areas for negotiation and develop a negotiation strategy and provide advice and coaching to the negotiation team.
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ITPMG consultants have used our expertise in contract negotiation and contract creation to enable us to review and assess enterprise contracts for hardware, software, and services projects/engagements to ensure that the contract provides the enterprise with the utmost in flexibility and protection. These reviews and assessments provide vital information to ensure that the financial resources of the enterprise are protected and optimized.
As part of ITPMG's consulting service we produce a Contract Review and Assessment document. In addition, on a quarterly basis, we can produce a quarterly assessment, based on our ongoing review of the clients' contracts, helping clients succeed, or pointing out pitfalls.
Outside of the base consulting service offerings, ITPMG can provide a number of vital functions for your IT department:
CIO, top IT staff, CFO.
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