Recent highly publicized security breaches at major banks and retailers have shown that despite having what is deemed to be the latest intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and a highly trained security staff, these measures do not always translate into action to stop a security breach before damage could occur.
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The Security Technology Solution is based on REMTC's proprietary core technology, Artificial Neural Network Intelligence ("ANNI"), which is radically different from existing forms of artificial intelligence in that computerized processing functions incorporate a neural net design that resembles neurological connections whereby nodal connections form automatically without conscious control. As such, our Security Technology Solution's proprietary ANNI technology provides users with the ability to program, control and begin learning immediately upon initial setup.
Current Security Technology Solution Suite applications incorporating the AI cyber security lines include the following:
Target audience
CIO, CSO, CISO, CRO (primary), CEO, CFO.
The U.S. companies are outnumbered and outgunned in the cyber domain. Some of the U.S.'s adversaries utilize an extremely efficient multi-level, business model-like approach similar to crime syndicates to develop exploitation methods and to infiltrate critical infrastructure, commercial and consumer interests in the U.S. Other adversaries throw hordes of humans at the goal of compromising US government and commercial entities for the purposes of intellectual property theft, and gaining political advantage and economic leverage. Public and private sector organizations alike will likely never be able to protect their interests while they insist on playing "catch-up" with the enemies of varying operating models. Then, there are insider threats, unintentional and otherwise. The common denominator is the human being. We believe that, through the effective use of our solution suite, the human factor can be removed from virtually all of the vulnerable management life-cycle for the purpose of defending faster than the threats can manifest.
Our solution to these challenges is to urge organizations to proactively address this security challenge by adopting and practicing an offensively focused digital security policy. Our Security Solution Suite is designed to address the challenges of this cyber security environment.
ANNI PASS (ProActive Security Systems) - AI and behavioral analysis based computer network defense products including special-use, high performance computer (HPC) system designed to perform, in real-time, all the functions normally executed by an information security team.

ANNI Cloud - A business efficiency system designed for providers of cloud or hosted computing services that automates the provision, delivery and management of network and computing resources.

ANNI Endpoint - A suite of endpoint solutions for computed networks designed to protect mobile devices and other digital assets.

ANNI Electric - A network security product designed to protect and limit threats to electrical infrastructures and utility grids.

ANNI Drive - An artificial intelligence-driven security system designed to protect automobiles against digital threats and physical electronic failure.
Enterprises that want/need the most effective comprehensive, enterprise wide, cyber security solution.
The Security Technology Solution Suite has successfully incorporated the proprietary ANNI technology into a variety of AI driven applications. As a foundation platform for operating the AI applications, our team engineered and developed a biologically inspired custom-built High Performance Computing ("HPC") system that incorporates artificial intelligence hardware designed to replicate neural speed computing and human-like cognitive learning.
The primary component of our HPC system comprises the ANNI BELLE or "Bio Electronic Linguistic Layered Equipment", which serves as the foundation for all AI driven applications. The HPC system incorporates a patented contextual processing design that facilitates "task oriented" computing and thus accounts for the cognitive processing capabilities incorporated into the AI applications.
We estimate that current security best practices and digital strategies have the shelf-life of a little over two weeks. Security professionals cannot detect or produce antidotes fast enough to keep up with the rate at which threats from cyber criminals can evolve. We pose the question, how do organizations and security professionals combat against an enemy that innovates continually?
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