David Loewi

As Chief Information Officer of the Colorado Department of Revenue, Mr. Loewi oversaw the Colorado Integrated Tax Architecture (CITA.) The $50 million CITA project replaced an array of systems on multiple platforms with a single, taxpayer-centric product in a current, integrated, environment. The project also updated antiquated infrastructure and retrained dozens of IT employees. Loewi also oversaw IT operations of the Colorado Divisions of Motor Vehicles and Enforcement and the Colorado Lottery, with hundreds of major systems and almost 200 locations. In the consolidation of twenty IT organizations into Colorado's Office of Information Technology, he coordinated support for Revenue applications sharing data for public safety, benefits eligibility, alimony and other court order enforcement, medical marijuana licensing and more. Under him, Revenue systems earned praise from the IRS, Social Security Administration and Colorado's Office of the State Auditor for improved security and process improvements.

Before state government, Mr. Loewi held IT positions in education. As CIO at the University of Minnesota-Morris he guided consolidation efforts, eliminating unique software and established standards for other software such as PeopleSoft, Oracle Tools and PointSec, among many others. Partnering with the U. of Minnesota system, he eliminated redundant vendors and moved most Morris servers to Minneapolis through aggressive virtualization. Selected open-source applications resulted in further savings and improved security. At schools and universities in Oregon and Missouri, Mr. Loewi worked with leadership to define program goals, establish performance criteria, and integrate systems with administrative, academic and library implications. He also began his long history of soliciting suggestions for system improvements from non-technical, front-line staff, a habit of collaboration that informs all his management thinking.

Mr. Loewi spent over six years with J.P. Morgan and Company in New York, Germany and California, mastering finances and budgeting, soliciting and consolidating business relationships in three languages and expanding customer service and personnel management skills.

Mr. Loewi has 35 years of computing and managerial education, and experience applying the fruits of those labors. A graduate of Harvard University, he also holds an M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas-Austin, where he was an Microelectronics and Computer Development Fellow, 1985-87.

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