Information security continues to be one of the primary concerns for both commercial enterprises and government agencies. The ITPMG Information Security Analysis and Advisory Services are built on the three fundamental security realms: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

Clients need help in protecting their IT investments in infrastructure, data, Internet applications, software development, and their corporate/agency reputation. To do that clients need to focus on the people, technology and processes that they use to execute their IT security strategy and plan.
IT Advanced Red Team Penetration Testing Service
IT Advanced Red Team Penetration Testing Service
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ITPMG assists clients in protecting their investments in infrastructure, data, internet applications, and their corporate/agency reputation. To do that we focus on those things that matter most in ensuring an optimized IT security plan: people, technology and processes.

The new IT Advanced Red Team Penetration Testing Service addresses one of the key pillars of risk avoidance in the IT security environment - how secure is your IT technology environment and its assets.

ITPMG Security Red Teams will measure the effectiveness of the security controls and systems in order to determine the capabilities of the security staff to detect and mitigate attacks against external and internal infrastructure. Our Red Team uses attacks that emulate attacks from advanced persistent threats and sophisticated financially-motivated and geo-political actors.

The assessment is centered on a set of objectives defined via collaboration between ITPMG and the client. Those objectives will emulate tactics, techniques, procedures, and objectives that malicious threat actors may attempt to accomplish in the environment.

The team can provide valuable insights into how effective and safe the IT environment is, how its staff is performing, what the deficiencies and vulnerabilities are and what the remediation recommendations are to close the deficiencies and vulnerabilities are.

ITPMG's IT Advanced Red Team Penetration Testing Service Approach:
Final Report - A creation of the Final Report of results, by location, and an overall assessment. Sample content:

CRO, CISO (primary), CIO, CFO, COO
Senior executives who are responsible for the current and future state of an organization's IT Security controls and risk management processes, policies and applicable regulations.
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Final Report
Executive Summary
Detailed results for vulnerabilities discovered, exploited vulnerabilities and proof of concepts/screenshots
Detailed explanations of the implications of findings, business impacts, and risks for each of the identified exposures
List of detailed TTP's used for access to systems authorized for advanced red team penetration testing
Remediation recommendations to close deficiencies identified
Detailed steps to be followed while mitigating the reported deficiencies