The IT Metrics Assessment Service identifies, catalogues and assesses current IT measures, metrics and reports. Items are assessed for many qualities and characteristics including:
IT Metrics Assessment Service
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• The IT metrics data dictionary
• The IT Metrics Assessment Report
• Recommendations to improve and increase the value of the measures and metrics being used
• Gap analysis and resulting matrix of IT services and processes, their current measures and metrics and which measurement dimensions need to be added
• The recommended foundation set of measures and metrics for the IT Performance Management program
• The strategic plan for building or enhancing the IT Performance Management program
IT Metrics Assessment Service Deliverables
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Additionally the service establishes which of ITPMG’s seven measurement dimensions are being used and which others should be used for measuring the performance of IT services, processes and personnel:
• Cost
• Time
• Quality
• Alignment
This service also identifies those areas of the business where IT is having a significant impact, but no key performance indicators are in place to measure that impact. Finally, IT Metrics Assessment identifies those areas of IT performance that are not being measured at all.
• Value to management
• Value to business partners
• Reliability and creditability
• Redundancy and resource requirement
• Level of automation
Privacy Policy
• Maturity
• Agility
• Capability
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The Benefits of the IT Metrics Assessment Service
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• Establishes the catalogue of measures, metrics and reports used to create the IT Performance Management data dictionary
• Eliminates metrics and reports that have little value and/or are redundant, and reduces the amount of resources required to produce and maintain them
• Reveals the areas of IT’s greatest business impact
• Provides an analysis of which IT services and processes are not being measured and which require the adoption of additional measurement dimensions
• Establishes the solid foundation for building the IT Performance Management program
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