Most IT performance management programs begin with great intentions. Over time personnel turnover occurs, corporate objectives change and management’s focus shifts. These changes impact the performance management program and must be recognized in order to keep the program alive and relevant. In order to ensure that your measurement program continues to deliver value, ITPMG operates as your IT performance management and measurement resource. On a scheduled basis, ITPMG’s measurement professionals review your IT performance management program. During the review current KPIs, measures and metrics are assessed for their continued value, relevance and reliability. ITPMG works with you to determine what new measures are required due to changes in company focus shifts in objectives or priorities and initiation of new projects.
IT Performance Management Audit & Support Services
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• Quarterly, on-site days in support of the IT Performance Management program
• Review of business and IT initiatives, objectives and critical success factors
• Sampling survey of scorecard and report users and recipients
• Assessment of measures in use to determine their continued accuracy and value
• Development of new KPIs, measures and metrics as necessary
• Development of new scorecards and reports as necessary
• Annual assessment of IT performance against Performance Management program’s established goals, objectives and targets
• Interviews with IT stakeholders
• Comprehensive report for all KPIs for the preceding 12 months
• Analysis of “leading indicators” against planned objectives for the next 12 months
• Overall assessment report recommending revised targets for the next 12 months
• Unlimited telephone support
• Bi-monthly reports, updates or news letters directly relating to IT Performance Management
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• Assists you in maintaining an environment that is focused on continuous improvement
• Ensures that KPIs, measures and metrics remain relevant to the business and the organization
• Prevents performance management measures from becoming solely focused on technology and operations
• Avoids measurement overload by retiring measures that are no longer necessary
• Reduces resource requirement for operating the Performance Management program
• Guarantees continuity of the Performance Management program
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IT Performance Management Audit & Support Services
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