Utilizing ITPMG’s unique tools and techniques, this service establishes the primary set of key performance indicators (KPIs), measures and metrics required to optimize, improve and monitor performance of your IT services, processes and personnel. For IT organizations prepared to move from “tactical” to “strategic” measurement we build the KPIs used to communicate IT’s business value and impact, to your business partners. The organization’s baseline performance is determined and business as usual and stretch targets are set. All measures are created using automated scorecard software which, at your option, can them be implemented on a turnkey basis.
IT Performance Management Program Development
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• The benchmark measures for current performance
• Establishment of improvement targets
• Both leading and lagging indicators of performance
• The set of operational KPIs most important to the IT organization
• The set of KPIs most important to the business
• Underlying performance measures and metrics that KPIs are build upon
• SLAs where applicable
Target audience
All the benefits of the IT Metrics Assessment service plus the following additional benefits:
IT Performance Management Development Service Deliverables
• Provides IT management with the information necessary to make fact based decisions
• Sets performance objectives which provide unambiguous goals for the IT organization
• Clearly and consistently communicates IT’s performance to all levels of the organization
• Demonstrates and communicates the business value of IT in terms and in language relevant to business partners and users
Optionally automates the collection of data for creation, updating and maintenance of metrics and production of performance reports thereby optimizing resources and increasing reliability and creditability
All the deliverables associated with the IT Metrics Assessment service and Initialization of the IT Performance Management program including:
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• Cost Reduction results!
• Project Management Reports (Budget, Schedule, Issues, Risks, etc.)
• Key Metric Tracking
• Benefits Reporting
- Benefits Delivered
- Risk Adjusted Benefit Projection
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A final report with observations, conclusions and recommendations associated with the continued use of your IT Performance Management program including:
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