IT organizations can generate a lot of data about their performance. The data comes in many forms and from many sources. ITPMG’s scorecard software automates collection, display and reporting of your data. Scorecard software turns IT data into management information. Utilizing the leading provider of scorecard software, ITPMG transfers current IT measures from non-automated and ad-hoc sources into a fully automated system. Reports that are manually generated can be set as standard outputs on a scheduled basis and an ETL tool automatically extracts data from any electronic source. A browser interface provides consistent access to management information at all levels of the organization.
IT Performance Management Scorecard Development
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• Installation of scorecard software on your server
• Initial set of intelligent scorecards using your measures and metrics
• Direct access to performance data
• Interactive analysis of all data
• Dashboard and operational views
• Trend indicators
• Threshold triggers
• Drill objects
• Intuitive performance graphs
• On-site training
• Initial set of structured queries for automated data extraction
• Management reports
• Ad hoc query and reporting tools
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• Provides an analytical tool that can combine disparate data into insightful management information
• Resource reduction and increased accuracy of information through the automation of data collection
• Data and information become more “understandable” and useful through a consistent look and feel provided by a browser interface
• Timely and consistent updates to measures through scheduled queries
• Standard and ad hoc reports yield insights to management not otherwise seen
• Automated conversion of numeric displays to graphic displays and vice-versa
• Focus management’s attention on key performance indicators using “executive alerts”
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IT Performance Management Scorecard Development
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