CIOs are faced with demands from many parts of the enterprise. Each department has its own requirements, and expects support from the IT organization. The task of prioritization of the overall IT effort becomes gargantuan, certainly too large for a "best-guess" allocation of IT resources. CIOs must understand the impact of all efforts in terms of quality of service, impact on company performance,shareholder wealth, and alignment with corporate strategy.
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ITPMG's consultants have developed a rigorous process to review our clients' IT strategy for thoroughness, budgetary soundness, and soundness of vendor relationships. We work with CIOs to help them convey their IT strategy to upper management, and assess the impact of industry trends, latest technology, and project management.
ITPMG's consulting service provides a review of the IT strategy, and IT priorities, resulting in an assessment report, delivered on an oral and written basis. In addition, the review process generally uncovers areas of assistance that fall into ITPMG's expertise, and is the basis of discussion for expert consulting.
In addition to the IT strategy assessment from the ITPMG consulting service, ITPMG can work with CIOs to create an IT strategic plan, and conduct ongoing reviews of the plan.
CIO (primary), CEO, CFO
IT executives who have the responsibility to prepare strategies that address all the complexities of company initiatives. This service will allow them to be assured that their strategies are sound, meet the organization's needs, and have buy-in support from executive management.
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