Irv Brownstein

A consultant with over thirty years experience in the information industry. In the course of his career he has demonstrated particular expertise in the areas of metrics, balanced scorecards and measurement programs, business intelligence, program management, business continuity, software asset management, process engineering, skills management, all phases of systems development and implementation, software package evaluation and installation, systems methodology development and implementation, productivity improvement and cost reduction, quality assurance, testing and project management.

He has created and conducted "readiness" assessments to determine and resolve performance "gaps", as well as, completed productivity and quality benchmark studies focusing on systems development, tool implementation, testing and application support. He has developed, evaluated and implemented systems methodologies and technical standards manuals. He has designed, developed and implemented a variety of performance management, client satisfaction and measurement programs in both the public and private sector.

He has developed and marketed software packages; has published 27 articles and authored Guidelines for Selecting Software Packages (Elsevier). He has also developed and conducted over 30 seminars, workshops and training sessions focusing on benchmarking assessments, developing SAM & ITIL metrics, performance and productivity improvement, skills management, cost reduction, technology "Readiness", knowledge-based planning and estimating.

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