Bethel, CT, January 13, 2012... ITPMG (, a leading edge on-demand consulting services company specializing in personalized service that improves a company's performance announced today a new new service offering designed to improve the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in your organization.
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ITPMG Announces New Business Intelligence Strategy and Planning Consulting Service Offering
It is no longer good enough to know where you have been. Companies need assistance in making better decisions on where they need to go and how to get there. In this economy companies must move fast to do that they must have more than their current technological resources allow them to do. They need to have information that helps them better understand customer behavior, set pricing, manage marketing and sales spend, and estimate needs in a specific industry like healthcare or at the very least, manage risk.
• An evaluation and review of your BI strategy and plan
• Assistance in developing an enterprise BI strategy and plan based on their goals and business requirements.
• A BI roadmap for evolving the strategy from BI to a future state
• Education on BI strategy and planning
We team with our clients to develop the BI strategy based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the strategy as changing business needs demand. We stress that the strategy is not just a report, but a process that positively impacts how IT delivers value to the business.
This new service offering is an extension of ITPMG's current innovative client solutions in the area of Planning and Strategy Service under IT Strategy and Plan Review. It is our intent to continue to grow our business and increase our on-demand personalized client support solutions such as this new service offering. This is just the newest example of our commitment to helping our clients transform themselves into a high performance business.
ITPMG is an industry leader in providing personalized on-demand targeted, actionable consulting services. This global firm, with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, focuses on improving company performance and increasing shareholder wealth and value through its services, tools, experts and processes.
For more information about ITPMG and its services contact ITPMG via e-mail at
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The BI Strategy and Planning offering provides an assessment and analysis of your current BI environment and management processes that will provide:
Today, ITPMG is pleased to announce its new Business Intelligence Strategy and Planning offering. This new offering provides a customized program that will give clients who have are planning on, are in the process of implementing or who implemented a BI solution system valuable guidelines and critical success factors for delivering a quality BI solution, within budget, and achieving desired goals and benefits. Our goal is to assist our clients in learning how to optimize their IT investments and improve their productivity.
Our consultants have expertise in implementing Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, data management and Predictive Analytic solutions and systems. We have assisted our clients in establishing effective program management offices to guide and control BI implementation and deployment. The team also has experience in performing IT performance assessments, developing actionable IT strategies and plans, and improving overall IT performance.
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