Bethel, CT, July 6, 2015... ITPMG (, a leading edge on-demand consulting services company specializing in personalized service that improves a company's performance announced today a new Security Technology Solution offering as part of its increased focus on security assessments and solutions.
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ITPMG Announces New "Cyber Security Technology Solution"
The Security Technology Solution is based on a proprietary core technology, Artificial Neural Network Intelligence ("ANNI"), which is radically different from existing forms of artificial intelligence in that computerized processing functions incorporate a neural net design that resembles neurological connections whereby nodal connections form automatically without conscious control.
The Security Technology Solution has successfully incorporated REMTC's proprietary ANNI technology into a variety of AI driven applications. As a foundation platform for operating the AI applications, our team engineered and developed a biologically inspired custom-built High Performance Computing ("HPC") system that incorporates artificial intelligence hardware designed to replicate neural speed computing and human-like cognitive learning.
ITPMG is an industry leader in providing personalized on-demand targeted, actionable consulting services. This global firm, with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, focuses on improving company performance and increasing shareholder wealth and value through its services, tools, experts and processes.
For more information about ITPMG and its services contact ITPMG via e-mail at
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As such, the Cyber Security Technology Solution's proprietary ANNI technology provides users with the ability to program, control and begin learning immediately upon initial setup.
ITPMG's new technology solution provides leading edge artificial intelligence technology to not only secure your current IT environment but also prevent ongoing attacks from infiltrating your most sensitive information and protect your operations.
This new expansion of our Performance Services Offerings is an extension of ITPMG's current innovative client solutions that can be found at
Based on customer requests, we continue to grow our business and expand our on-demand personalized client support solutions. This is just the newest example of our commitment to helping our clients transform themselves into high performance secure businesses.
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