Bethel, CT, June 6, 2016... ITPMG (, a leading edge on-demand consulting services company specializing in personalized service that improves a company's performance announced today new additional coverage in its IT Cost and Performance Benchmark Assessment offerings.
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ITPMG Announces IT Operations and Database Administration in Their Benchmarking Assessment Consulting Service Offering
Today, ITPMG is pleased to announce it will now provide comparative analytical support for IT Operations and for Database Administration in all of its Benchmark Service offerings. This new capability is designed to enable companies and their management team to quickly get comparative information and insights related to their IT Operations and Database Administration costs and performance. It will help them answer questions on what their full costs are, what their performance is and how they perform related to the industry they are in or to a company with a similar "IT DNA" footprint as themselves. Our new capabilities provide an analysis of performance metrics for workload, costs, staffing, and complexity against industry peers and against our total benchmark database.
Through our new capabilities, using our unique benchmarking approach and methodology based on a client's "workload and complexity IT DNA", we create easy to understand comparative assessment reports for both IT Operations and Database Administration. These reports allow the client to get performance metrics from our data base that contains information from hundreds of accounts across twenty plus industries. The benchmark report provides metrics regarding such focus areas as hardware, software, sourcing and staffing associated with these functional areas within an IT organization.
ITPMG is an industry leader in providing personalized on-demand targeted, actionable consulting services. This global firm, with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, focuses on improving company performance and increasing shareholder wealth and value through its services, tools, experts and processes.
For more information about ITPMG and its services contact ITPMG via e-mail at
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This new capability is an extension of ITPMG's current innovative client solutions in the area of Benchmarking Services. It is our intent to continue to grow our business and increase our on-demand personalized client support solutions such as this new service offering. This is just the newest example of our commitment to helping our clients transform themselves into a high performance business.
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