Len Bergstrom

Len Bergstrom is known in the industry as the original founder of IT Measurement Services. He joined Real Decisions Corporation in 1976 as one of its original associates and became president of the company at the beginning of 1992. In this role, he was responsible for planning the overall business strategies of the company, particularly in the areas of developing major client accounts and tracking movements and trends in the IT marketplace. During those years, he handled the corporate relationship with the NYNEX parent company and was instrumental in the acquisition of Real Decisions by Gartner in December of 1993.

Mr. Bergstrom is best known as the originator of the first internal IT measurement program (originally known as the Decision Support Center [DSC] association) established in 1982. Mr. Bergstrom was a central figure in the design, development, delivery and enhancement of the core DSC benchmark components in the data center, network, applications development and distributed computing arenas. He was a pioneer in establishing the market-based competitiveness of outsourcing arrangements. Today, Mr. Bergstrom concentrates on a variety of projects for both vendors and users of IT measurement services.

At the start of his Gartner tenure, Mr. Bergstrom was responsible for the introduction of measurement services internationally and he has extensive business experience in all major geographies. He was responsible for the development of new Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models and established and managed alliances with key industry leaders. His current focus is on exploring methodologies and databases that address the innovation side of the IT equation in addition to the more standard efficiency and effectiveness dimensions. He is an expert on performance management systems and has assisted many firms in designing measurement programs that link IT activities to the results of the larger enterprise supported - establishing the building blocks to demonstrate the business value of IT.

As the first associate hired by Real Decisions, Mr. Bergstrom held a wide variety of positions at the company. Early in his career, he authored a series of industry-standard reports on a vast range of commercial service offerings and software products. He later was the director of consulting services responsible for performing an extensive number of in-house IT feasibility studies and successfully completing numerous large-scale assignments for major corporations and commercial vendors. Other historical roles included the responsibility for corporate sales and marketing, as well as the management of a software division that delivered complex business systems involving external databases (e.g., financial fundamentals and price histories) to the Wall Street community and broader financial marketplace.

During the past 30 years, Mr. Bergstrom has made numerous speeches and presentations on a variety of IT topics to industry conferences and user groups. An accomplished writer as well, Mr. Bergstrom frequently is quoted in articles published in major trade magazines including FORTUNE, Forbes, Datamation, COMPUTERWORLD and InformationWEEK. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University.

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