Maria DeGiglio

Maria DeGiglio, M.A. has over 25 years as an IT executive, professional, and industry analyst with broad industry experience and expertise in business process design and improvement, continuous improvement, business/IT alignment, business case development, and contingency planning.

During the last seven years Ms. DeGiglio was president and principal of Maria DeGiglio Consulting Group working with clients in both higher education and health care as an education specialist, instructional designer, and adjunct faculty. She has extensive experience in online learning management systems (LMSs) and authoring Web site content. Ms. DeGiglio also has comprehensive knowledge of both the business and IT issues affecting higher education and health care. She worked as a consultant to the nation's largest visiting home health care organization exploring the technical requirements as well as the ethical issues surrounding the creation of online personal health records. Ms. DeGiglio has investigated the legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects of creating, implementing and exchanging electronic medical records (EMRs) for both provider and payer organizations. She has legal and policy expertise in privacy and regulatory compliance.

Ms. DeGiglio continues to be president and principal of Maria DeGiglio Consulting Group and is currently working with a state medical school and university hospital.

From 2001 to 2005 Ms. DeGiglio was employed as Principal Business Analyst and Enterprise Resource Planning Practice Leader by the Robert Frances Group. She advised C-suite executives on best practices in project/program management, IT governance, and risk management. She published extensively on service level agreements (SLAs) and talent management, conducted contract review and analysis, and performed vendor evaluations/comparisons.

From 1997 to 2001 Ms. DeGiglio was employed as Publications Editor and Senior Industry Analyst by Andrews Consulting Group where she authored reports, white papers, and Web site content examining the business cases for IBM Corporation's hardware, software, and services divisions.

Previous business experience includes professional, executive, and training positions at Tiffany & Company, Manpower Inc., Kraft Foods Inc., and Revlon Consumer Products Corp.

Ms. DeGiglio received her B.A. degree (Cum Laude) from Cornell University and her Masters degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Ms. DeGiglio also holds an Advanced Certificate in Applied Research Ethics.

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