ITPMG specializes in assisting businesses of all sizes with establishing or revising security and risk management processes to adhere to the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Foreign Ownership Control or Influence (FOCI), and Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Acceptable processes are critical to gaining a new defense contractor’s initial Facility Security Clearance (FCL), or for responding to an unfavorable assessment from Defense Security Service (DSS) or other government agencies. We provide guidance to our clients using our unique and proven risk analysis method and experienced and certified staff to ensure that you get your business cleared and keep that clearance.
NISPOM/DSS/ITAR/EAR Compliance Assurance Services
NISPOM/DSS/ITAR/EAR Compliance Assurance Services
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ITPMG will work with your management and employees to learn your business model, align with NISPOM, ITAR, EAR or other applicable regulatory requirements, and tailor a facility security, information security, risk management, and auditing model that meets the necessary compliance threshold in a cost-effective manner. The myriad of documents and plans necessary to achieve compliance can be daunting. We can provide support by creating or reviewing the policies, plans, and procedures you need to satisfy your regulatory body. Some of the documents we create for our clients on a regular basis are:
ITPMG's consultants provide a review and assessment of the security and risk management processes areas that can provide a major impact on the enterprise's performance as well as their linkage across the enterprise. In addition, the review and assessment generally uncovers areas of assistance that fall into ITPMG's expertise, and is the basis of discussion for expert consulting.
In addition to the review and assessment, ITPMG can work with CROs,Compliance Managers and Procurement Managers to establish or revise security and risk management processes to keep or gain update the major business processes, ensure that there is linkage across the enterprise and conduct ongoing quarterlly reviews of the processes ensure proper execuiton and make recommendations on mid-course corrections that may be required.
CRO, Compliance Manager (primary), Procurement Manager
Executives who have the responsibility to manage security and risk management processes within the enterprise. This service will allow them to be assured that their business processes are sound, meet the organization's needs, and are being executed across the enterprise.
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