Bethel, CT, November 30, 2012... ITPMG (, a leading edge on-demand consulting services company that specializes in personalized service that improves company performance announced today a new service offering designed to help companies reduce the cost of telecommunications within their enterprise.
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ITPMG Announces New Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment Offering Service
Organizations are increasingly required to obtain more value and capability within their existing portfolio of services or in many cases working to drive increased output through enhanced services while reducing costs. This management challenge is further increased due to the limited time and resources organizations have to fully research, understand and report on competitive and market based trends.
The ITPMG Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment offering provides a systematic and rigorous process that enables clients to better understand the costs related to the management of their wireless and wireline services. This offering provides an assessment and analysis of the telecommunication services that will enable clients to:
• Understand the costs related to the management of the wireless and wireline services
• See how their current prices compare to best in class prices
• See what alternative technologies might exist that would enhance their capabilities and/or lower their current costs
• Understand what risks may currently exist in the selected telecommunications services
• Get a set of recommendations to streamline costs and inventory
This new service offering is an extension of ITPMG's current innovative client solutions in the area of Contract and License and Management Review and Analysis Review. It is our intent to continue to grow our business and increase our on-demand personalized client support solutions such as this new service offering. This is just the newest example of our commitment to helping our clients transform themselves into a high performance business.
ITPMG is an industry leader in providing personalized on-demand targeted, actionable consulting services. This global firm, with headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut, focuses on improving company performance and increasing shareholder wealth and value through its services, tools, experts and processes.
For more information about ITPMG and its services contact ITPMG via e-mail at
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Understanding and managing telecommunications services and costs is an area that continues to be a challenge given the wide variety of service offerings, vendors and hardware and software solutions. Skilled unbiased analysis and reporting in this area is required to provide decision makers with the information needed to make and execute decisions with confidence that the expected benefits will be realized.
Our experienced consultants have developed an effective, comprehensive approach to assessing telecommunications costs and the management of those costs that will give companies the results necessary to reduce telecommunications costs while increasing value and capability within their enterprise.
Today, ITPMG is pleased to announce its new Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment offering that will give our clients a proven approach in assessing the telecommunications costs within their enterprise.
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