Business Intelligence (BI) is still a growing area of interest for most companies, as a result of incomplete or ineffective BI implementations. Many companies realize that traditional development approaches do not work effectively when implementing BI. Agile programming concepts are now being applied to BI solution delivery, supported by a new breed of tools that enable rapid user-focused development.
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Agile Business Intelligence
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• Education on Agile BI concepts and our Agile BI assessment tools
• A gap analysis comparing the QA& Testing process to best practices and recommendations for improvement
• A gap analysis comparing the current IQM capabilities to best practices
• Agile BI improvement opportunities
In addition, we can assist clients in a full IQM assessment, Agile BI development methodology refinements, BI tool review and selection support, and Agile BI development pilot project support.
Our offering gives clients a proven means for understanding their current environment and how well-positioned they are for beginning the Agile BI journey. This includes an assessment of existing BI solutions and capabilities, and identification of opportunities to deliver improved BI solutions and capabilities. We believe that it's important to know where you are before you undertake a new direction.
The Agile BI Rapid Review Assessment offering provides a fast and efficient assessment and analysis of the current BI environment which covers the following:
Our consultants have developed expertise in implementing Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management solutions. The team also has experience in performing IT assessments, designing enterprise architectures, developing master data management programs, and developing actionable migration plans and roadmaps.
We team with our clients to define an effective Agile BI environment based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to their BI capabilities as changing business needs demand.
Our service offering delivers the following results:
• Quality and satisfaction of existing BI solutions and delivery capabilities, from both business and IT perspectives
• Gap analysis comparing the current information quality management (IQM) capabilities to best practices
• Identification of opportunities to improve BI delivery and management
Our Consultants will deliver detailed report that includes the above deliverables and present the findings to our client's management committee.
• A criteria template for BI tool selection
Target audience

IT Executives who are responsible for delivering quality information to support BI.
Senior Business Executives who require timely and accurate information to manage the business (i.e., BI).
ITPMG has a standard, web-based assessment tool that we will utilize in the Agile BI rapid review. Work effort may be conducted on-site or off-site as follows:
• ITPMG will work with client's IT staff to gather the information for review
• Work effort is limited to two days for data gathering, one day for analysis, and one day for an interactive presentation of findings and recommendations
• ITPMG assumes client has readily available inventory of all BI related products, processes, and services and will send to ITPMG within two business days upon request
• We also assume that selected IT and user staff are available for completing our assessment and for interviews. Our preferred approach is to conduct a workshop to deliver the education and facilitate the survey completion
• ITPMG will present findings and recommendations within seven business days after receipt of all information/data from the client and present to the CEO, CIO, CFO and COO
See Exhibit A for a sample Agile BI Program Structure that shows how Agile BI fits into our IQM offering and additional available downstream service offerings.
Exhibit A. - Agile BI Program Structure
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