Software applications are at the core of all the company's critical business information. While many companies have a sizable investment in this area, few have reaped the full potential of their investments. Many companies are still underutilizing their applications' capabilities and have many applications with redundant and/or duplicate processes which result in not delivering on their intended results and benefits. This is due to a number of factors that we address in our IT Applications assessment service.
Rapid Review Assessment Services:
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• An assessment and evaluation the current IT application environment and its related supporting infrastructure. We review people, process, and software applications and development tools to provide a comprehensive view of the IT application portfolio and its capabilities
• A gap analysis comparing the IT application solutions to best practices and recommendations for improvement
In addition to the deliverables listed above, we can assist clients in a more detailed full IT application software assessment (including a full Functional and Technical Quality assessment) and help to implement the approved initiatives.
The IT Rapid Review Assessment - IT Applications offering provides a fast and efficient assessment and evaluation of the current IT application environment and process maturity capabilities that cover the following:
Our consultants have expertise in working with both large and small complex organizations to achieve the maximum benefits of their IT organization. We have assisted our clients in building business cases for implementation changes/improvements as well as for outsourcing or in-sourcing their application development and/or support and maintenance. The team also has experience in performing application development assessments (CMMI), developing actionable IT strategies and architecture plans, and improving overall IT performance.
We team with our clients to develop the assessment based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the recommended roadmap as changing business needs demand. We stress that the roadmap is not just a report, but a process that positively impacts and positions how IT delivers value to the business and most importantly how this is affected by the applications.
Our service offering delivers the following results:
Our offering will give clients who are planning on upgrades, or in the process of reviewing their application portfolio, valuable guidelines and critical success factors for achieving the benefits they are seeking and staying within budget. Too many times we are finding companies are paying for features and benefits of their applications that they do not use or can eliminate applications with similar process or solutions. For example many companies would not think of having two email systems; however it's not uncommon for them to have two ERP solutions or two database solutions with similar features and benefits. Our goal is to assist our client in understanding these issues and then determine which systems can be retired and migrated to other similar systems. All of our recommendations are based on sound business practices and benefits to the overall organization.
• An assessment and evaluation of the current IT application environment (both in-house and purchased applications), capabilities, and alignment to best practices
• A gap analysis comparing your IT application solutions to best practices and recommendations for improvement
Our Consultants will deliver a summary report that includes the above deliverables and present the findings to our client's management.
Work effort may be conducted on-site or off-site as follows:
• ITPMG will work with Client's IT staff to gather the information for review
• Work effort is limited to 2 days for data gathering, 1 day for analysis, and one day for an interactive presentation of findings and recommendations
• ITPMG assumes client has a readily available application inventory, and will send to ITPMG within 2 business days upon request
• We also assume that selected IT and user staff are available for completing our assessment and for interviews
• ITPMG will present findings and recommendations within 7 business days after receipt of all information/data from the client and present to the CEO, CIO, CFO and COO
Target audience
IT Executives and Sr. Management who are responsible for IT strategy and core application systems across the enterprise. This assessment will allow them to be assured that their IT investments yield the expected benefits. It will also improve alignment between the IT function and the business.
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