Success depends on a myriad of factors, some of them can be identified and adopted and some "just happen". One of the identifiable success factors that is common to highly successful organizations is an effective program of information security. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are not solely relegated to the data center or technology departments. Effective and timely decisions, unshakable confidence in superior goods and services and a profound respect for data confidentiality are key ingredients in developing trust within and for an organization. This trust is demonstrated from the board room to the mail room and is built in, not added on to all areas of the organization.
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• An assessment and evaluation of the current information security policies in place, and processes in use in light of industry expectations
• An evaluation of the deployed IT security technology, its implementation, operation and maintenance
• A gap analysis comparing existing security policies, processes and IT support tools to benchmarks for the industry, organization size and environment
In addition to the deliverables listed above, we can assist clients in a more detailed Information Security policies and process assessment, detailed recommendations for improvement, technology plan and test exercise, incident management planning and help to implement the approved recommended initiatives.
The Rapid Review Assessment - Information Security provides a fast and efficient assessment and evaluation of the current information security process, IT support tools and the organizational information security culture highlights that include:
Our consultants have developed a recognized expertise in identifying security "best practices" and determining an appropriate response to security based on the unique risks and capabilities of the organization and its key employees, business partners and stakeholders.
Our service offering delivers the following results:
• Policies - defining what can and should be done to protect and preserve information security
• Procedures - actions that conform to the policies and are carried out as components of the standard operating procedures
• Technologies - that are deployed to help protect, manage and report on the security profile and objectives in place
• Responsiveness - how quickly and appropriately new security vulnerabilities are identified and threats mitigated
Our consultants will deliver a summary report that addresses these deliverables and present the findings to management in a confidential presentation and discussion.
Work effort may be on or off-site and is conducted as follows:
• ITPMG will work with designated Client staff to gather the information for review
• Work effort is limited to 2 days for data gathering and one day for an interactive presentation of findings and recommendations
• ITPMG assumes client has readily available access to skills, content, subject matter experts
• ITPMG will present findings and recommendations within 7 business days after receipt of all information/data from the client and present senior management
Target audience
Management responsible for ensuring that all information is secure, responsible for information security technology deployments, process management and education.
CIO, COO, CEO, Board of Directors
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Good information security is closely linked to success in regulatory compliance, quality standards, customer satisfaction, employee dedication and overall morale. Highly effective organizations develop a culture that is focused on "doing the right things right". Providing a framework for information security and creating ways to follow, improve and share the best practices is what our consultants do best. Our Rapid Review Assessment - Information Security is designed to strengthen your information security practices that are being done well, and lay out a plan for improving what needs to be strengthened. It isn't about paying more. It's about paying attention - to the right things.
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Excellent information security is not a matter of spending more and more money, but depends on an integrated set of policies, backed up by well understood and consistent operating procedures and a culture that is continually setting new standards and "raising the bar" of security performance.
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Our experienced consultants are world leaders in developing an effective, cost responsible and clearly articulated program for assuring and preserving information security throughout the entire organization.
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