Decision makers need quick, economical measurement solutions which target their most immediate problems and position them to make fact based decisions. Organizations must measure such things as risk, IT value, IT performance and more in order to manage and communicate effectively in today's highly competitive and cost driven environment.
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• An assessment and evaluation of the current IT measurements. We review all current IT measurements, related processes and alignment assumptionsportfolio and its capabilities
• A gap analysis comparing your IT measurements to best practices
• A recommended foundation set of measures and IT measurements
• The IT metrics data dictionary
In addition to the deliverables listed above, we can also assist our clients in a more detailed full IT measurement assessment, create a client unique set of measurements, design a measurement process, design a measurement dashboard and help implement the approved performance measurements and management system.
The Rapid Review Assessment - Measurements Assessment offering is a fast and efficient assessment and analysis that will provide:
Our consultants have expertise in working with both large and small organizations. We have assisted clients achieve the maximum benefits of their IT organization and we have assisted them in building IT performance measurements programs that drove changes/improvements highlighted by the measurements. The team also has experience in performing performance management process maturity assessments, developing actionable IT strategies and plans, and improving overall IT performance.
We team with our clients to develop the assessment based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the assessment process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to any recommendations as changing business needs demand.
Our service offering delivers the following results:
• An assessment and evaluation of your organization's current measurements
• A gap analysis comparing the current IT measurements to best practices
• A recommended foundation set of IT measurements
• Optionally, a set of IT "business related" measures
Our Consultants will deliver a detailed report that includes the above deliverables and present the findings to our client's management.
Work effort may be on or off-site and is conducted as follows:
• Work effort is limited to 2 days for data gathering and assessment and one day for presenting findings in an interactive session
•ITPMG assumes, client has readily available inventory, process descriptions, current measurements, and organizational alignment documentation and/or will send to ITPMG within 2 business days upon request
• ITPMG will present findings and recommendations within 7 business days after receipt of all information/data from the client and present to the CEO, CIO, CFO and COO

Target audience
IT Executives and Sr. Management who are responsible for IT performance management and measurement across the enterprise and who want to gain alignment between their IT initiatives, their business strategy, and their current priorities.
Managers need real quantitative measurement solutions. The qualities of risk, value, process alignment, and portfolio priority appear to be "intangible", but in fact can be measured in the same manner as an actuary, economist, or financial analyst would measure them.
Our offering provides a fast, economical and efficient assessment of the current IT measurements that enable organizations to track progress, evaluate process and organizational alignment, assess investments, prioritize portfolios, business case development and reorient business decision making.
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Our goal is to help our clients understand how effective measurements can be used to ensure a greater degree of insights into high performance actions. Effective measurements will also help clients mitigate the risk of executing incorrect actions and often point out unexpected opportunities.
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Many organizations, however, that have adopted approaches to measurement are not gaining the benefits of improved performance and the ability to make better, more informed decisions. In effect, most attempts at measurements provide a type of "placebo effect" rather than the direct impact of understanding the cause and effect linkage between the measurement and its underlying cause agents. The organization may feel progress is being made, but there is little objective and/or scientific evidence that better decisions are being made. In other instances, the decision maker feels that the issue is an "intangible" that defies the ability to measurement it.
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This assessment will help ensure that IT investments yield the expected benefits. It will also help improve alignment between the IT function and the business.
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