Has your organization made an investment in scorecard / dashboard software? Has the money been well spent or, as is the case for many organizations, has the value received fallen far short of the value expected?
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• An assessment and evaluation of the current scorecard/dashboard and its related application production support system
• A gap analysis comparing the current scorecard / dashboard solution to best practices
• Recommendations for improvement of the scorecard and/or dashboard
In addition to the deliverables listed above, we can also assist our clients in a more detailed full Network Assessment and subsequently help implement the approved initiatives.
There can be many reasons why this occurs. Among the most common are:
The Rapid Review Scorecard and Dashboard Assessment offering provides a fast and efficient assessment, analysis and recommendations regarding your current scorecard / dashboard implementation. The service provides:
Our consultants have many years of experience and the necessary expertise to help your organization achieve the maximum value and benefits of your scorecard / dashboard investment. We have assisted our clients in developing and implementing scorecards / dashboards that allow them to monitor and measure performance and the organization's progress toward personnel and/or business improvement.
We team with you to ensure that the assessment is aligned with your goals, objectives and business requirements. ITPMG also will train your team in the process of scorecard / dashboard development. We believe this is an important part of the engagement because you and your team will be implementing the recommendations. You will also be responsible for future changes as user requirements evolve and more scorecards / dashboards are required. ITPMG recommendations are not simply a report, but include a well defined process that positively impacts and positions how scorecards / dashboards deliver continuous and measureable value to the business.
This service offering delivers the following results for 1 business unit (i.e., Finance, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc):
• Vendors hype their system and buyers want to believe the hype
• The "simplicity" of design and development sold turn out to be more complex than expected increasing both the time and resources required
• User requirements changed or were not understood from the start
• KPIs, metrics and measure don't resonate with the users
• The user interface (UI) is too cumbersome or complicated
Whatever the reason or the cause, there is still an opportunity to realize the value and benefits of your scorecard / dashboard system. Equally as important there remains the chance to demonstrate to the rest of the organization that scorecards / dashboards are a valuable tool for management.
ITPMG's Rapid Review Scorecard and Dashboard Assessment offering will quickly reveal the underlying reasons why your scorecards / dashboards are underutilized or not being integrated into your own or other parts of the organization. Within just a few days we'll be able to show you exactly where the problems reside and make concrete, implementable recommendations on how to resolve them.
• An assessment and evaluation of the current scorecard / dashboard solution regarding:
- Capabilities within the context of your organization's requirements
- Alignment to business drivers and critical success factors
- Applicability of KPIs, metrics and measures to user requirements
• A gap analysis comparing the current scorecard / dashboard solution and best practices
• Specific recommendations for improving the scorecard / dashboard and making it an asset to the organization
Our Consultants will deliver a detailed report that includes the above and present our findings to our client's management.
Work effort may be on or off-site and is conducted as follows:
• Expansion of the assessment, analysis and recommendations to include more than one business unit
• Ease of use of the scorecard / dashboard user interface, including navigation, layout effectiveness, graphics and help/information capability
• Evaluation of the data integration and update process
• Implementation strategy, planning and support
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C Level Executives, IT management, senior managers responsible for IT strategy and core infrastructure systems across the enterprise. This assessment will allow them to be assured that their scorecard/dashboard investment provides the expected benefits and value.
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In addition to this Rapid Review Assessment Service, ITPMG offers a full range of Performance Management services. This includes the development and implementation of a performance management or measurement system, development of high valued key performance indicators (KPIs) and design, development, implementation and operation of performance scorecards/dashboards. For a detailed description of these services go to the Service Offerings.
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