One of the biggest challenges to every CIO and senior executive today is the determination of where and how much to invest in IT.
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• An assessment and evaluation of the current data privacy policies in place and processes in use
• An evaluation of the current data privacy protection IT support tools
• A gap analysis comparing the data privacy policies, processes and IT support tools to compliance expectations
In addition to the deliverables listed above, we can assist clients in a more detailed full service management assessment and help implement the approved initiatives.
The Rapid Review Assessment - Service Maintenance offering provides a fast and efficient assessment and evaluation of the current IT hardware maintenance environment that cover the following:
Our consultants have expertise in working with both large and small complex organization to achieve the maximum benefits of their IT organization. We have assisted our clients in developing service management practices and processes as well as assisted in the implementation of the those newly developed practices and process. The team also has experience in performing service management benchmarks for cost comparative purposes.
Our service offering delivers the following results:
• An assessment and evaluation of the current IT service management environment, and monitoring process capabilities
• A gap analysis comparing your IT service management process and cost control practices/processes to best practices
• Recommendations for improvement
Our consultants will deliver a summary report that includes the above deliverables and present the findings to our client's management.
Work effort may be on or off-site and is conducted as follows:
• ITPMG will work with Client's IT staff to gather the information for review
• Work effort is limited to two days for data gathering, one day for analysis, and one day for an interactive presentation of findings and recommendations
• ITPMG assumes client has a readily available application inventory, and will send to ITPMG within two business days upon request
• We also assume that selected IT and user staff are available for completing our assessment and for interviews
• ITPMG will present findings and recommendations within 7 business days after receipt of all information/data from the client and present to the CEO, CIO, CFO and COO
Target audience
IT Executives and Sr. Management who are responsible for Service Management and service support across the enterprise.
CIO, COO, CEO, Board of Directors
Many organizations collect enough data to monitor the performance of the break fix vendor as to the Service Level Agreement (arrival of a technician on site) but often miss significant amounts of information relating to service events placed by the equipment through a call-home function, or to manage the service performance to establish if the first technician on site could fix the problem, or if the problem was repaired in a reasonable period of time.
Most IT installations are intended to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of an organization's processes, products and services. It is safe to say that the costs to maintain those installations are coming under more and more pressure every day. Maintenance and service reliability costs impact the total cost of ownership and the efficiency of an operation at the same time. Understanding the reliability of a product can help an enterprise choose the correct product and/or maintenance contract, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
The analysis and data can be used immediately to pin-point operational problems, evaluate compliance with vendor and help desk SLAs, and reveal differences between deployed products.
Our offering provides an assessment and evaluation of the help desk/service desk and the effectiveness of the service management process. We look at the linkage between incoming calls and the information loop that follows as it relates to reliability and stability of all IT hardware products.
We team with our clients to develop the assessment based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the recommendations as changing business needs demand.
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