Regulation has become a way of life for virtually all enterprises. Government regulation almost always increases cost and affects an enterprise's efficiency. Enterprises have new found visibility on their obligation to operate ethically on behalf customers and shareholders. They must anticipate regulatory change, and maintain flexibility. Such awareness can not only mitigate cost, but can lead to unexpected opportunities.
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ITPMG consultants have long been at the forefront of understanding regulatory legislation and government decisions. We assess the regulatory issues that affect your enterprise, and provide actionable results. Not only does this allow enterprises to mitigate the risk of non-compliance, but will point out any unexpected opportunities.
ITPMG's consulting service provides clients a review and assessment of their security and compliance strategies and plans. This review and assessment includes a review of applicable regulations, the implication of the regulations, and the context of how the regulation applies to your organization. In addition, ITPMG has developed a self-assessment tool for enterprises to use, in order to perform an audit of your enterprises environment. Further, as part of ITPMG's consulting service, should relevant events take place, ITPMG will provide commentary.
ITPMG's knowledge of security and regulatory compliance is available to our clients to help them create a security and compliance strategy and plan. We will alos provide quarterly reviews of those strategies and plans to ensure that proper execution is taking place.
Enterprises will gain insight into security and regulatory trends, changes, and implications.
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