Shyam Desigan

Mr. Desigan has over 13 years of health-care IT, development finance, and project management experience focused on enabling healthcare providers and non-profits use outcomes-based benchmarking to build a sustainable competitive advantage. His consulting expertise with health-care providers includes joint business/IT evaluation of software vendor offerings, application service providers, and alignment of IT with the business needs and financial capabilities of mid-market health-care providers. He has demonstrated the ability to analyze new business opportunities starting with risk assessment, forecasting & trend analysis, business plan development, project financing, planning to operations & project management.

He has held senior positions in large Healthcare and non-profit where he directed staff with responsibilities in Information technology & Finance encompassing the following: healthcare information technology, IT strategy & architecture, project finance, forecasting & trend analysis, strategic planning, and budget & business case planning.

He co-founded NearMed that meets the technology needs of medium and rural hospitals by implementing a Software-as-a Service platform and had expertise in Healthcare Information technology and Healthcare finance. He also consulted for a context-aware and enterprise mobility platform integrator.

Mr. Desigan received an MBA in Finance from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

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