Steven M. Venokur

Steven Venokur is a leading international skills-based management strategist, and has developed the software tools, skills libraries and methodologies to help companies identify, assess, track and manage their skills and competencies in a way which maximizes talent and resources.

Mr. Venokur has been both an organizational development consultant to the Information Technology and other industries and a corporate member of IT organizations. His experience in the last twenty years has dealt with the implementation and deployment of skills management, career development, and performance management programs for many industries and functions. Mr. Venokur has designed and implemented automated tools for a variety of skills-based needs and is responsible for the development of comprehensive skills libraries for most business functions.

Mr. Venokur has managed core skills migrations, helping companies bring their people from aging to contemporary skills sets. He has worked with scores of organizations to solve the problems associated with movement to new technologies and tools, addressing the issues regarding organizational staffing and individual development and training. In addition to developing new skills sets for companies, areas of concentration include new job titles and roles in terms of the need for more contemporary title construction, skills and job modeling, and human resource policies such as banding, work teams and compensation.

Mr. Venokur developed a Skills Readiness Assessment that determines a company's readiness to adopt and deploy skills-based programs. It includes the identification of skills best practices, cultural acceptance and resistance factors, effective use of management skills, skills-based job alignment, and identification of core skill groups.

Mr. Venokur has re-engineered job structure and competency standards for information technology, manufacturing, engineering and other units and organizations. During these engagements, he has re-designed both processes and organizational structure. In support of re-engineering, he has designed and implemented human resource policies and procedures such as skills management, performance management and career programs, as well as reward and recognition programs.

Steven Venokur designed the highly-acclaimed SkillQuest®, the Skills Asset Management System, a skills assessment, tracking and reporting system. In addition, Mr. Venokur was instrumental in establishing SkillsPlex®, a skills library with more than 10,000 skills and proficiency definitions. This has led to his recognition in the skills management industry and requests to speak with numerous groups about a variety of competency, role, organizational development, diversity, performance and other topics.

Mr. Venokur has written a recent white paper on "Best Practices for Skills-Based Management Programs" that is a proven guideline for companies when adopting a skills initiative.

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