Organizations are increasingly required to obtain more value and capability within their existing portfolio of services or in many cases working to drive increased output through enhanced services while reducing costs. This management challenge is further increased due to the limited time and resources organizations have to fully research, understand and report on competitive and market based trends.
Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment
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• A written review and reconciliation of the selected telecommunications services deployed within the organization
• A written analysis of the organization's hardware and carrier services costs currently required to support the infrastructure
• A cost and usage report providing a detailed view of the wireline and wireless services
• A written assessment of risks related to the selected telecommunications services
• A comparison of costs to the best in class prices
• A set of technology recommendations for enhanced capabilities and/or lower costs
• A set of recommendations to streamline costs and inventory
• Consultant led presentation of results: process, findings, next steps, obstacles, Q&A (Optional)
Optional services to assist organizations with implementation and compliance of recommendations as well as stand-alone enhanced billing and reporting services.
The ITPMG Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment offering provides a systematic and rigorous process that enables clients to better understand the costs related to the management of their wireless and wireline services. This offering provides an assessment and analysis of the telecommunication services that will enable clients to:
A written Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment Report that consists of:
• Understand the costs related to the management of the wireless and wireline services
• See how their current prices compare to best in class prices
• See what alternative technologies might exist that would enhance their capabilities and/or lower their current costs
• Understand what risks may currently exist in the selected telecommunications services
• Receive a set of recommendations to streamline costs and inventory
Target audience
CIO, CTO, CFO, Director of Telecommunications
Understanding and managing telecommunications services and costs is an area that continues to be a challenge given the wide variety of service offerings, vendors and hardware and software solutions. Skilled unbiased analysis and reporting in this area is required to provide decision makers with the information needed to make and execute decisions with confidence that the expected benefits will be realized.
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Telecommunications Cost Management Assessment
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Assessment Process
• Needs analysis - Deep dive analysis into the current environment, business needs/usage and ongoing or potential new directives
• Offsite forensic level telecommunications assessment and analysis, by vendor, by location and by product to assess correct billing, inventory and optimized network deployment- bills loaded, analyzed and reconciled
• Analysis of cost and usage reporting for the selected telecommunications services
• Assessment to determine risk inherent in the selected telecommunications services
• Develop recommendations and road map for maximum optimization, including bill error identification
• Benchmarking to Best in Class
• Project Manage the implementation of recommendations to drive the process and reporting to ensure financial benefits realized
• Enhanced Monthly Charge back reports by department
• Monthly error detection audit providing an on-going cost optimized environment
• Complete cost analysis including in-house FTE count and benchmarking to best in class, review of internal TEM procedures
• Contract renewal negotiation assistance to ensure a competitively driven price structure for services
• Communications Strategy - five year plan to match technology with needs to meet business objectives
• Client Advocate Program- advocate for client on bill errors to maximize their return on an ongoing monthly basis
Wireless Expense Management - Monthly Fixed Fee Services
This service gives enterprises control of monthly wireless usage, providing wireless expense management on a per user, per account and per provider basis ensuring ongoing downward cost pressure.
• Monthly charge back and high user reports for greater visibility
• Maximizing existing options within current contracts for monthly optimization
• Greater focus on control and optional additional services such as a concierge desk, cell phone use policies, Mobile Device Management (MDM) selection, analysis and administration
• Monthly 6-point 'check-up' of cost utilization
This service is particularly useful to enterprise clients who have already engaged ITPMG for the Telecommunications Cost and Management Assessment offering and follow up services. With a consolidated view of the selected telecommunications service assets and optional usage volumes and patterns, ITPMG brings enterprise greater leverage at contract renewal times with a base of vital data useful in negotiations.
• Business process improvement for best in class agreements for both renewal and new contract agreements for telecom services
• Ongoing contract compliance review and reporting
• Professional, enterprise level leadership for RFI and RFP development and management
Other Telecommunications and Network Services
• Network Assessment
• Network Strategy
• Disaster Recovery Roadmap
• VOIP Readiness
• Mobile Device Management Selection analysis and administration
• Security Assessment
• Security Strategy
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