Unique Services
Why We Are Unique:

In starting a new consulting service, ITPMG had a rare opportunity - to design a unique company that would become the model for the consulting services industry going forward.

We recognized that the industry had not evolved in a way that best serves its clients. Many consulting firms have become focused on delivering non-actionable recommendations, and lost sight of addressing client issues. With large staffs to support, fixed costs at these firms became astronomical, and design and delivery prices skyrocketed.

Instead of replicating this, ITPMG has assembled an executive team that could design an organization that would keep cost down, while keeping consulting efforts focused where they should be - on working with clients.

In being unique by design, ITPMG is committed to retaining certain hallmarks from our inception:
By design, ITPMG's business model has been designed to be disruptive to the consulting services world. We started with the simple rule--provide a value proposition unlike any seen in the industry before.

We Foster Change With a New Formula For Value

Embracing our opportunity to break the mold in the consulting services industry, ITPMG's executive team has set an aggressive value point for our services and created a business model around that proposition.

We next defined a set of offerings that are truly powerful and useful to the business and IT executive. Our offerings are immediately useful in addressing the business issues executives confront daily.

We are sure that our service offerings will provide you and your company with savings and increase your overall performance.

Valuing Our People and Their Development
The expertise of our workforce is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our technology. We invest a significant amount of money annually to help make sure that our employees have leading-edge skills and ongoing development opportunities. ITPMG's learning programs are designed to help our professionals understand our clients, achieve real business results, support corporate values and enhance their work lives.

Valuing High Performance
We've identified the core competencies that provide the foundation for an employee's professional growth at ITPMG. These foundational competencies establish a common standard of excellence across ITPMG for all employees.
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