What We Believe
Deeply ingrained in all our activities are the core beliefs we hold as an organization. Our culture truly believes we must first and foremost always do what is right for our clients, and co-workers and never betray the trust they place in us. These core values have resulted in a set of beliefs we adhere to, including:

Client-focused beliefs
We believe that in all our work we must adhere to the professional standards clients expect from a
trusted counselor.

We believe that we must be transparent in all we do.

We believe that we must share our knowledge with clients, and transfer skills in the use of the
methodologies we provide.

We believe that it is our responsibility to help our clients and their organizations make significant
improvements to their overall performance.

We believe we must provide solutions and methodologies to our clients that satisfy their needs above
the needs of our company.

We believe we must always take responsibility for the work that we do.

We believe we must continue to be innovative in solving our client's problems so that we deliver
outstanding value to them.
Co-worker-focused beliefs
We must attract, hire, and keep exceptional people.

We must inspire integrity and high ethical standards in our people.

We must value our associates for the contributions they make.

We must reward our associates the work they do.

We must strive to create a diverse company and value that diversity.

We must make ITPMG an aspiration and supportive environment to work in.

We must provide our associates the tools and opportunities they need for personal and professional

We must clearly communicate expectations and guidelines for success.

We must have respect for each other.

We must encourage teamwork at all times.
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What We Believe

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